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tiv manA five-man delegation from the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) led by National President, Mallam Denja Abdullahi, penultimate Tuesday, stormed Makurdi, the Benue State capital city to assess facilities in place ahead of the association’s Annual International Convention scheduled for 26-29 October, 2017.

They were received at the ANA State Secretariat located on Number 34, former Alhaji Dash Building,Ankpa road, Makurdi by members of the Local Organising Committee for the convention.

Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Professor Idris Amali and his Vice, Professor Jerry Agada along with the Secretary, Dr. Raymond Anumve, Otse Otokpa, Dr.Tartule Tijah, Abo Abgochenu, State Chairman of ANA, Mr. Charles Iornumbe and Mrs. Dorcas Otalu among many others were on hand to receive the delegation at the ANA Benue Secretariat.

Receiving the delegation, LOC Chairman, Professor Idris Amali, who thanked the team for the visit, while also noting it would help in strengthening the commitment of members towards planning for success of the occasion., informed the visiting team that the LOC had put all the necessary machinery in place such as securing venues for activities, hotels and printed some pre-convention materials, among other things for them to make input and carried out advocacy visits to Individuals and groups to sensitise them about the convention.

Amali, who lectures at the Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa State, along with the Vice Chairman of the LOC and former National President of ANA, Professor Jerry Agada conveyed the Committee’s appreciation to State Governor Samuel Ortom forapproving substantial funds for the hosting of the convention in the face of the tough economic situation.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and ICT, Mr. Tahav Agerzua was also on hand at the Secretariat to welcome the National Officials of ANA during which he reaffirmed Governor Ortom’s commitment to the Writers’ body, urging members to continue to develop the knowledge base of the State as the world ‘could partly survive through ideas.’

Thereafter, the National Officials proceeded to hold a meeting with members of the LOC at the Hotel Bobec Makurdi where the template for the event already developed was presented and considered with improvements made, corrections effected and approvals granted to some proposals.

On the second day, the National Officials embarked on a tour of facilities where hotels identified were visited. The team also visited the JS Tarka Foundation where the arrival cocktail and Convention Play is expected to hold on the first and second days of the convention, respectively.

The team equally visited the Auditorium of the College of Health Science, Benue State University, Makurdi to assess the venue for the Convention’s Grand Opening Ceremony.

The tour was rounded off with a visit to the Royal Choice Inn, the proposed venue for registration of delegates to the convention during which the 1000 capacity hall proposed for the dinner and award night was also visited.

Addressing members of the LOC at the Presidential Wing of the Royal Choice Inn, Makurdi, Mallam Abdullahi who expressed satisfaction with the facilities proposed for the convention, stated that ‘in view of the difficult times, it would be better to plan the convention within the means of available resources in order not incur over bloated expenses in the end that would cause the LOC sleepless nights.’

He further advised ANA members against late registration, pointing out that those in the habit of attending conventions and registering on the spot would be doing so this year ‘at their own peril.’

“This year is an election year, those coming for the convention must get registered on time as adequate preparations would be made for them, and those in the habit of coming for conventions to gatecrash, would suffer the consequences of their action,” Mallam Denja noted.

Denja equally expressed appreciation at the gesture of the Benue State Government for approving funds to support the Association to host the convention and expressed hope that the funds would be released early to enable the LOC put everything in place before the event.

“It is one thing to approve funds, it is another to ensure their earlier release, we have had situations whereby funds are released a day to our convention which adversely affected planning. But with the commitment shown by your State Governor, we are optimistic that he will release the funds on time so that the best convention ever would take place in Benue,” Denja maintained.

Chairman of the LOC, Professor Idris Amali had earlier while receiving the National Officials, assured them of a unique convention in Benue next Month, stating that the Committee under him cannot afford to fail in that regard, just as he thanked the Benue State Chapter of ANA for the confidence reposed in him.

The ANA National delegation was made up of the Legal Adviser, Isaac Ogezi, the Secretary Dr. Ofonime Iyang, Treasurer Mr. Ikhechi Owabie and the Public Relations Officer (South) Mr.Olatunbosun Taofeek.


Malam Denja Abdullahi

President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Malam Denja Abdullahi, in this interview, says the first office complex at the eagerly-anticipated major destination, Abuja Writers’ Village at Mpape, in the Federal Capital Territory, will come on stream by October, this year. When completed, the village would house the national headquarters of the association, a 50-room hotel, residency chalets, 500-seater auditorium, archives as well as other facilities befitting a writers’ resort.

Abdullahi also sheds more light on his administration’s achievements with few months to the elective national convention, among other issues. Excerpts:

How have you been able to juggle your position as a Director at the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), with that of running the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA)?

I must say I have combined the two preoccupations perfectly well because they are about the same thing. There is no significant difference between administering an association of authors and administering culture. Both concerns belong to the same domain of the creative and cultural industries. My work as a public administrator of culture who must abide by statutory rules and display fairness and equity has greatly rubbed off on how i have been administering the affairs of ANA as its President. My precision, passion and creative propensity as a writer and manager of an NGO in which resources must be stretched and value gotten for every money or resources expended have all impacted on how I do my public service duties. There is positive co-habitation in the way I performed both tasks and my two “employers” are not complaining.

How would you rate government’s support for the literary arts, considering the rather unusual lull in the art sector in the country?

I have always advocated that all the various government interventions towards supporting the arts must be warehoused in the same basket or envelope if I may put it that way. Presently, such supports are scattered in this or that Ministry, agency or commission and there seems to be no coordination and that even makes it difficult for government sincere efforts to be noticed or measured. We in the arts sector have always advocated the establishment of the National Endowment Fund for the Arts which is that basket I refereed to earlier. The government of any society has a primary responsibility for supporting the arts the same way that education of its citizen is a primary function of government. We cannot push this primary responsibility to the private sector. The government must show its own coordinated effort first before the private sector can come in effectively. With all the noise being made now on the propensity of the creative and cultural industries in creating wealth and generating employment, we still need to get it right by being inclusive and designing peculiar support structure for each of the components of the arts and culture sector.

How has it been so far at the helm of ANA?

It is not modest to score oneself but if you go through our scorecard and conduct an assessment among our members, I am certain me and my team will not score less than 80 per cent out. I have reviewed my electoral promises with what I have done within a year and going to two years of my coming on board  and I have discovered that I have achieved nearly 80 per cent of what I set out to do and well on the way to accomplishing a few others left.

Your milestone achievements till date as ANA President

The milestone achievements are bringing into being a strategic plan (2017-2022) for the Association’s future development;  conceiving and producing a documentary film for the Association entitled; ” Dancing mask: The ANA Story”; Restructuring of the internal governance structure of the Association by creating strategic committees, panels and councils; fast tracking the development of the ANA land in Mpape, Abuja by instituting a stricter monitoring process and doing a foundation laying ceremony; bringing about the second phase of the Nigerian Writers Series  by publishing three new titles devoted to children’s literature; internationalizing the operations of the Association by effective collaboration with other writers’ associations in Africa and beyond; launching a project called A-Book-A-Child to put an ennobling general interest book in the hand of every school going Nigerian child of certain age ranges and generally making the Association receptive to creative and purposeful partnerships with like bodies, governments and individuals. I and my team have done much more than that and there are still more to be done.

What have been the major challenges confronting your tenure at ANA, and how are you tackling them?

The challenges are legion as always. There is the problem of lack of fund which is ever there in a situation where dues paid by members are insignificant and not paid in any structured manner or not even paid at all. This is an Association that has no capacity to network for grant nor the personnel to follow through any request for funding in a sustained manner. It therefore leaves you with a president who thinks and does most things for the Association. However, I must appreciate the contributions of members of the national executive council which I head and the state chapters executives and other well meaning members of the Association across the country. They all do their bits but it is still an association where everyone can go to sleep but the President must not or else he or she will be accused of failure. It should not be that way; that is why  I am working towards enthroning a system in which belonging to the Association means you must be responsible for its upkeep and well being by playing your part, paying your dues and staking your claim in its activities.

Considering the disquiet that reared its head at the last ANA National Convention in Abuja, last year, how has your administration been able to build bridges of unity among members?

You read the signs wrongly: there was no disquiet of any kind. It was the usual underhand politicking played in Nigeria all the time, where if you succeed too much, some people begin to wonder why you should have it so smooth. They therefore decide to rake some trouble for you so that you should contend with them and negotiate some of your successes with them. That convention was our 35th Anniversary and I must tell you it was one of the most successful conventions of the Association in the last 10 if not 15 years. A lot of members after that convention called back and wrote to me to commend our efforts. Remember that four years before in 2011 in that same Abuja, a raucous convention took place, in which delegates were held hostages in hotels over unpaid bills and me and the then newly elected President  went round Abuja hotels to sign undertakings for them to be released to go home. Even if I do not have any other quality, the one you cannot take away from me is that of being a bridge builder who relates with people with no prior prejudices and complexes. I have the spirit of inclusiveness in my dealings with people and it has helped me in keeping the Association united and progressive. Well meaning and objective members of the Association have been supporting me. There will always be naysayers, even if you are a prophet; you need such people to be focused and to test your strength and qualities on. I have always said one thing about the generality of ANA membership, you can never sway them with gimmicks and other such empty posturing. They can see through all that to decide on what they want for their Association.

What are your plans for the coming year? And by extension, what is the level of development at the ANA’s Village in Abuja?

If I am re-elected to serve again for a second and final term as President in October, 2017, the Association should expect an even more purposeful tenure from 2018. We already have a strategic plan covering five years, well on to 2022., what I will do is just to follow it through and do what is possible within my tenure of office. Someone else will always come later to carry it further. On the ANA land, a lot of development is on-going and we will deliver one of the first completed office structure before October, 2017.

How would describe the present state of literary arts in Nigeria, and what is the way forward?

The literary arts is in bubbles, exciting and new frontiers is being extended. That is why we were planning to do a symposium with the Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo in Ebonyi State on the 21st of August, 2017 on that, prelude to a major conference next year, before the almighty ASUU Strike aborted the plans. We will go ahead with that after the strike. The many book festivals, book chats and literary prizes we have all over tell you that the literary arts is a thriving industry. The drawback is that we cannot have a thriving literary industry where authors and publishers are still complaining of being unfulfilled.


ANA PCVENigerian authors, under the umbrella body of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) have announced the formation of the Association of Nigerian Authors Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (ANA PCVE) programme.

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with STRADA Development Initiative, an Abuja-based non-governmental organization.

According to a statement, Monday, signed by the President of ANA, Mallam Denja Abdullahi, the move to establish the anti-extremism platform for writers was informed by ANA’s concern for the seeming ‘rise in hate speech and extremism in Nigeria and also by the belief that it can be effectively countered when the individual citizen becomes a point of dissemination of correct narratives about all social groups’

“The Association, being an organization committed to social advocacy, has been concerned with the rise of hate speech and extremism in Nigeria, particularly violent extremism. ANA PCVE will be a specialist programme to combat the challenge of extremism using a cultures-based approach which leverages on the Association’s extensive network of writers and primacy across the genres of prose, poetry and drama and allied arts.

“It is the belief of the Association that the Government of Nigeria and its partners in the fight against extremism must blend military and civic engagement programmes with a culture-based approach. Extremism can only be effectively countered when the individual citizen becomes a point of dissemination of correct narratives about all social groups,” Abdullahi said.

Under the terms of the agreement for the ANA PCVE, former Public Relations Officer (North), Richard Ali, will be the Programme Manager, just as the Association has also created a six-man committee on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism.

Other members of the Committee are: Dr. Obari Gomba, Jack Vincent Fidelis, Halima M. Usman, Chief Macpherson Okpara, Isah Dan Musa, as well as Ebika Anthony.

According to Abdullahi, the Programme will develop work plans and plan projects as appropriate.

“Partnerships with all class of stakeholders will also be sought and formalized. The Association will support the Programme in meeting its objectives. We congratulate all Committee members on their appointment even as we expect them to serve the Association with exemplary commitment,” he said, adding: “More information can be found at the Programme’s website which will be updated regularly.”