Abuja Sheraton celebrates women in March, as Lagos hotel gets new chef

Posted: March 12, 2018 in general
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sheraton abuja hotels

The Sheraton Abuja Hotels

In commemoration of the International Women’s Day and Mother’s day in March, Sheraton Abuja Hotel harmonizes with Marriott International Hotels to celebrate notable women as well as activate #IWD2018 and #WomenOfMarriott within the Federal capital Territory (FCT) with a lineup of engaging events.

General Manager of the Hotel -Nouman Irshad.Continuing, Irshad said: “We are looking forward to celebrating our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends. Starting today we welcome friends and family who wish to celebrate this month to join us and catch-up over coffee, drinks and a nourishing meal in any of our restaurants”.

“On March 14th  our Poolside will again come alive with vibrant color and music as we commemorate International Women’s Day and the Month of March with our Sheraton Women’s fitness event starting at our pool bar and Restaurant.

“We plan to activate our global Sheraton brand fitness program #SheratonFitness with key women in Abuja. It will surely be fun and engaging as we have included interactive health talks from a Trichologist, a dermatologist as well as a female Doctor. So our ladies will enjoy an ambient and relaxing atmosphere where they can make new friends amidst organic cocktails and healthy finger food favorites.”

The Abuja Sheraton will also unveil some red carpet glamour photos with creatively produced callout cards for those in the #IWD2018 color, which is purple and free SPG enrolments.

Meanwhile, the Sheraton Lagos Hotel has welcomed its new chef, Johan DePrins to the family.

The hotel said chef Johans ‘adds an exciting dimension to the culinary experience of loyal guests and customers.’

Chef Johan has gained over 40 years combined experience in the kitchen. He began his career as a culinary teacher; he practiced for 10 years then established as an executive chef. He has worked in various countries such as Belgium, Congo, Djibouti, Oman, Qatar, Tanzania, Algeria and Nigeria.

The Executive Chef is not new to the Nigerian market as this is his third Nigerian hotel. Having won three awards, Chef Johan brings a unique spin and creativity to his kitchen.

The General Manager of the hotel, Barry Curran remarked: “Sheraton Lagos Hotel will become the go to place for diners as Chef Johan is worth his salt. His creativity in the kitchen is second to none and we can’t wait to show everyone his craft. Asides from the creativity, his food is equally delicious which is just as important.”


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