Sheraton Abuja Hotel celebrates ‘Chocolate Day’

Posted: January 19, 2018 in general
sheraton abuja hotels

The Sheraton Abuja Hotels

The Sheraton Abuja Hotel has concluded plans to celebrate Chocolate Day in all its restaurant venues from this month.

According to the hotel, Foodies and Chocolate enthusiasts already commemorate the Chocolate Day every January 27.

“We are happy to start this year with a lineup of creative and compelling food and beverage activities for our patrons. We look forward to welcoming all our diners and in-house guests to an exceptional experience on the 27th of January; Sheraton Abuja Hotel will celebrate Chocolate Day in all our restaurant venues.

“At the Papillion Restaurant our guests will enjoy our mouthwatering black forest cake which is one of our specialties from our very own Chef Maroof and team. While at the Obudu and Luigi’s Restaurants our female diners will be treated to a chunk of wholesome rich chocolate cake slices.

“Those visiting our Pool Bar and Restaurant will not be left out of our free offer of chocolatey forest goodness as the cake will be presented to female diners at the Pool Bar and Restaurant as well. Our Chocolate day will definitely illuminate the eyes and spark off your taste buds,” enthused Irshad.

Meanwhile, the icon Abuja-based hotel kick-started the New Year with the introduction of the grilling seasons BBQ nights at the hotel’s poolside.

Executive Chef for Sheraton Abuja Hotel-Nicholas Geba and his team have put in efforts towards creating a tasty assortment of BBQ flavors for food and entertainment enthusiasts within the Federal Capital Territory.

The BBQ night which officially launched January 13, holds every Saturday at the Poolside bar for both our in-house guests and customers.

“We have made the best selection of various live band entertainers within Abuja City so there will never be a dull moment. Our special free-flow-salad will be available for all diners. For beverages, you will be spoiled for choice with our compelling selection of wines, beers, soft drinks and cocktails. And for your added pleasure, we have Shisha with various flavors-on request.

“Last but not least our collection of fun and interesting board games such as Ludo, whots, chess, local Ludo, scrabble and draft are available for you to have an interactive and engaging time with new or old friends; the idea is that this creates the perfect activity during family bonding time.

“A relaxed evening around the most transformative ambience with great food and inspiring music is what we offer our loyal patrons and customers and so we encourage all our visitors to come experience something truly unforgettable on that Saturday onwards,” said Irshad.


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