Sheraton Abuja Hotel celebrates National Pizza Day

Posted: November 10, 2017 in general

pizzaSheraton Abuja Hotel has unveiled exciting plans to celebrate the National Pizza Day with offers of a special deal for lovers of the delicacy.

Pizza has evolved through the centuries as a delightful go-to dish with an abundant variety of flavors, which family and friends can share.

Those deliciously rich cheesy-saucy slices with preferred toppings truly make for reliable comfort food.

Once every year we give tribute to the Pizza dish, which has stood the test of time.

This is why on Sunday, November 12, 2017 the Sheraton Abuja Hotel is offering the best deal in town; which is  with any two of your favorite choice of Pizza purchased you get a free Margherita Pizza.

According to the General Manager of the Hotel, Nouman Irshad: “In honor of National Pizza day, we will equally introduce our family sized Pizza with your special crust size and flavor options”.

“We are happy to celebrate National Pizza Day on the 12th of November, and we encourage all our patrons to come have a taste of their favorite pizzas and enjoy this offer. We believe that we have come up with a creative and inspiring package within the right atmosphere to connect with friends and share with family”.

“There are a range of fun activities that could be done around Pizza this Sunday, from slumber parties to kid’s birthdays to afternoon hangouts with friends.”

“Our Pizzas are gourmet style, quite wholesome and very enriching; while our delicious pizzas recipes are unrivaled to ensure that elevated culinary experience that cannot be felt anywhere else.”

“At Sheraton Abuja Hotel we go beyond in our efforts to deliver great experiences which keep our customers and guests very happy. We encourage all Pizza enthusiasts to visit our property and celebrate this remarkable day with us”.

  1. Nanji says:

    Thanks Bivnze’s space and crew, you are most reliable and engaging, thanks.

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