‘Domestic tourism can be developed with minimal funds’

Posted: August 22, 2017 in general

Theme parkBy VICTOR NZE

A tourism consultant, Alhaji Yahaya Ndu has stated that governments at all levels could develop domestic tourism without expending too much funds, adding that if enhanced, it would create employment and generate revenue for the government.

Nduwho said this Monday, in Abuja, maintained that the various local councils in the state were sitting on tourism potentials and resources unlike at the federal and state tiers of government

“Over 95 per cent of our tourism resources, potential and endowments are in the local government areas and not at the federal and state capitals. Government at all levels can facilitate the development of all the tourism sites in the local councils across the country without spending a lot of money.

“The first step is to organise a workshop for all the local councils across the country. Interrogate the people of these areas to find out about the tourism potential are there. The next step is to involve them and help them prepare feasibility studies, business plans and then link them with financiers, developers. Their progress can now be monitored with minimal government funding,’’ the consultant said.

Ndu said that tourism sites could be found in villages located in the local councils and not in city centres such as Abuja and Lagos, stressing that government also needed to attract international tourists through effective marketing of these local tourist sites.

“These local tourists’ sites are our comparative advantage. You cannot build five-star hotels in Nigeria that will surpass what they have in Dubai. People will not come here to see such. Local tourism is also a road to peace in our country because if I have to welcome tourists into my locality, it will create employment and boost the economy of my locality.

“Consequently, get-rich quick schemes like kidnapping and other criminalities will reduce because the youths will be gainfully employed,’’ Ndu said.


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