Onyerinma’s NGO to empower female youths on ICT, visual art skills

Posted: March 17, 2017 in general
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(L-R) Prince Gbenga Oguntayo, Mrs. Tolu Sadipe, Dr. Ama Onyerinma (Founder), Mrs. Isaac- Moses, Mr. Peter Armand Boyo at the Founder of Live Abundantly Empowerment Initiative programme

Founder of Live Abundantly Empowerment Initiative, Dr Ama Onyerinma, has disclosed plans by her organization to empower women on computer literacy, arts and job skills.

She said the programme would enable them to contribute meaningfully to the society and also for their self-development.

Onyerinma said in Lagos on Monday that the organisation’s mandate was being channelled through women empowerment programmes.

She, however, added that the date and venue of the event had not been announced adding that the venue will be in Lagos.

Onyerinma who frowned at the mounting cases of jobless women with no means of daily earnings, expressed the worry that many did not even have knowledge of computer in this digital age.

“We are in digital age where everything is being done online and on social network. The organisation wants to ensure that women have equal right and privilege as the men. The women should not be restricted, Women can do what men are doing,” she said.

Onyerinma said that the beneficiaries are women and the empowerment will kick start from Lagos and extend to other part of the country adding that there would be no other criterion so far they were Nigerians.

She said that the empowerment programme would be training on food handling, janitorial, office job skills, computer literacy, arts, among others.

According to her, the idea is basically to empower women and to stop violence against women.

“I believe the respect of women and children in society is essential for equity in a society. Some female fall victims due to lack of some basic needs and handworks. Once every youth can lay hands on one job or the other, sexual harassment and molestation of women will reduced to the barest minimum.

”I believe when the rights of all citizens are upheld, only then can a nation make social economic and developmental advances,” she said.

She said that he NGO was committed to creating awareness, advocacy and education on violence against women and children.

“All of us should be concerned about the prevalence of violence against these vulnerable groups within our community.

”Society is made of women, men and children, so why do we allow them to be relegated to the status “of less than” “not equal to” when they play a role in the functionality of the community, ” she said.

Onyerinma said that ensuring respect and safety of women and children were essential to the society.

She said that empowerment of women was critical to the advancement of society.

“When a woman can access her earning capacity, she can single-handedly change the educational projectile of her children.

“Women want a better life for themselves, their children, family and the entire community. This can only be achieved through education and access to economic field,” she said.

Onyerinma appealed for support and partnerships of governments, organisations and individuals to achieve the mandate of the organisation.


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