Kalawe resigns as South African Airways CEO

Posted: April 28, 2015 in general


The South African Airways (SAA) Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Monwabisi Kalawe has formally announced his resignation following appeals for an out-of-court settlement in the protracted case in respect of two alleged protected disclosures referred to arbitration before Advocate Nazeer Cassim SC at the Labour court of the country.

During the arbitration proceedings both parties agreed that the employment relationship between Kalawe and SAA had irretrievably broken down and that Kalawe would not seek to continue employment at SAA.

Presiding judge, Adv. Cassim SC strongly urged both SAA and Kalawe to mutually agree and resolve the terms of Mr. Kalawe’s departure from SAA to avoid the costs and damage associated with protracted legal proceedings to both parties and to protect the best interests of SAA as a Public Institution.

According to SAA, the parties to the suit have now agreed that Mr. Kalawe will resign his position as the CEO and as a director of SAA with immediate effect, thus rendering further disciplinary proceedings unnecessary.

“Kalawe will receive a payment from SAA in lieu of his contractual three months’ notice and outstanding leave pay up to the termination date. He will, in addition, receive an ex gratia payment equivalent to an additional three months’ notice in return for agreeing to give his notice of resignation with immediate effect.

“The parties believe that this resolution avoids further expensive and protracted litigation which is not in the interest of either party and is ultimately in the best interests of both parties and the public good. This settlement will enable SAA to focus its full attention on the operational challenges facing SAA. The parties have agreed that they will issue no further media releases concerning the settlement of the matter,” the statement read.


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