Nigerian tour operators condemn U.S over maltreatment of travellers

Posted: October 28, 2014 in general

fascinating nigeriaUmbrella body of tour operators in the country, the Association of Nigeria Tour Operators (NATOP) has commended the Federal Government, the Lagos State government alongside other state governors for the swift containment of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in Nigeria.

The body also condemned the treatment metted out to Nigerians and other travellers to the country on account of the Ebola virus outbreak in West African sub-region.

Describing as prompt and effective, the manner of the containment of the deadly virus’ spread in the country, the tour operators noted that the various bodies worked together to prevent the spread of the disease in the country even as its urged the United State and European countries currently threatened by the disease to treat Nigerian travellers with dignity and respect for human rights.

In a press release signed by the president of the umbrella body for travel operators in the country, Mr. Nkwereuwem Onung, the body commended the prompt attention giving to tackling the matter and information machinery deployed by the government to enlighten and educate Nigeria on the matter.

The body said for the first time in a long while Nigerians witnessed a demonstration of something and positive about the Nigerian government, describing the manner the disease was handled as ‘‘efficiency in governance,’’ and the fact that once determined the Nigerian government can actually go the full hug to deliver good governance to the people.

According to NATOP, ‘the partnership of the Lagos State government and the Federal Government is a pointer to the fact that if all Nigerians and government at all levels lay aside their differences and politics that efficiency and the promotion of public good and interest can be achieved in a question of time.’

Onung, therefore, in the statement called on all Nigerians to joins hands in building a virile and united nation where brotherliness and common good of the people thrive, adding that this is the only way that the country can overcome it many challenges and build a sound economic base for the people.

Onung who is also the chairman of the Cross River State-based Remlord Tours and Transports Services, stressed that even though members suffered great losses following cancellation of several business deals said however, that ‘the association was happy that the government effectively contained the spread and that today Nigeria is free just as members and others can now hope to get their businesses back on track again.’

With the United States and other European countries battling to stave off the spread of the disease in their soil, the tour operators’ body called for caution in the manner that they treat Nigerians travelling in and out of their countries.

“Nigerians deserve to be accorded their full human rights and not seen as the carriers of EVD as the epidemic is a global one and not confined to West African countries alone as many people believe,” Onung maintained.

The body therefore called for a global approach to be adopted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the global community in the handling of the disease ‘otherwise it would assume an alarming proportion.’


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