Wildcard episode thrills Nigerian Idol IV audience, judges

Posted: April 17, 2014 in art/entertainment

The Wildcard episode of the Nigeria Idol Season IV, where the judges select the last three contestants to make up the Top 12 finalists, came to the fore last weekend as the contestants made the most of it to thrill the audience and judges.

The wildcard stage is for the judges to exercise discretion and make way for the re-entry of three evicted contestants for the race to the top prize in the competition. The lucky ones were Evelle, Antwon, and Eye-D as the judges, backed by a well entertained and participative audience, faced a tough task of sifting between excellent performers.

With each judge having the power to save only one contestant, all 10 evicted contestants who were called back, sang their hearts out in the bid to win a place in the show. At the end of their performances, each judge was asked to save the contestant who convinced him/her that he/she deserved to be in the top 12.

After careful deliberations, the effervescent Nneka Egbuna chose to save Evelle; Dare-devil Judge, Dare Art-Alade, gave his vote to save Antwon; and Dede Mabiaku decided to use his wildcard vote to save Eye-D. This third round of eviction now brings to a total of 12 contestants that have made it to the next round of the competition.

To win her spot in the top 12, Evelle thrilled the audience and judges with her rendition of ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna and Antwon performed Usher Raymond’s song ‘There Goes My Baby’. Antwon was rewarded for his riveting performance by cheers and support from the audience and judges. According to Dede, his performance justified his place among the top 12 contestants. “If Antwon continues this way in this competition, he will be the one the others have to beat,” he said.

Eye-D, the African queen of the night who sang the popular Nigerian song by Christie Esien Igbokwe of blessed memory, ‘Seun Rere ’, was met with applause and dancing from the crowd and the judges. Nneka described her performance as authentic, fetching, and original. “It stood out from the rest and I loved it,” she said.

As a show of support to the other contestants who did not make it in the wildcard round, the judges thanked them and wished them the best in their future music careers. According to Dare “You all gave a wonderful performance tonight, don’t give up on your musical abilities.”

The Nigerian Idol IV reality talent show is sponsored by telecommunications firm in Nigeria, Etisalat.


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