UNWTO 2013 charts development of world tourism figures

Posted: February 9, 2014 in travel & tourism

unwtoAccording to the latest United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) World Tourism Barometer international tourism, with strong results in the first nine months of the year in Europe and the Asia / Pacific region, increased by 5 per cent above the initial forecast in January and September, with some 41 million increase in the number of international tourists to destinations around the world.

Last year a record 845 million worldwide in the first nine months increased by 5 % to almost 41 million more than in the same period , international tourist arrivals in 2012 .

Growth in Europe and Asia and the Pacific, 6 per cent, driven by growth in both the number of tourists, are seeing .UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai,”International tourism is slightly above expectations for developed and developing countries, gross domestic product and in many places due to the support of both economic growth and job creation, with much-needed support, said.” This is, undoubtedly, the economic recovery, which is encouraging to see strong results in many European destinations, especially the tourism sector is one of the engine.”

Europe, Central and Eastern Europe (+7 per cent), South and Central Europe (+6 per cent) and the average international tourist arrivals increased by 6 per cent. The initial high growth in 2013 (+2.7 per cent a year between 2000 and 2012 ) in Europe since 2000, double the average growth rate of international tourism .Asia and the Pacific (+6 per cent ) , Southeast Asia (+12 per cent ) , had continued to show strong results .But the United States (+3 per cent ) , North America (+4 per cent ) and Central America with the best performance (+3 % ) , relatively weak indicators.

Africa (+5 per cent ), increased by a marginal increase in the Middle East (+0.3 per cent ), saw, North Africa (+6 per cent ), fuelled by recovery .In the first six to ten months of the year , international tourist arrivals worldwide destinations registered to the report reflects a positive trend in international tourism receipts.


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