Inspiro Plays @ 1004: A dose of sallah glitz for V/Island

Posted: November 14, 2013 in art/entertainment

Undoubtedly, this may well go down as one of the most rewarding shows packaged by the Inspiro Productions in recent times; as the multi-media and entertainment production firm stormed the popular 1004 Flats in Victoria Island, Lagos, this time to cap the just gone Sallah holidays with a show that will remain a talking point for long.

Themed ‘Play @ 1004’, it was a first of its kind top notch event in one of the city’s elitist environment.

The suggestive theme went beyond its expectations. The show ignited the neighbourhood with stellar performances from the best of highlife, jazz, poetry and every genre of arts and entertainment.

The event pooled a mixed audience who were nothing less than delighted. Right from the gate of the venue, breezy and sensational jazz tunes filled the air, luring the neighbourhood to an evening of sheer tasteful blend of entertainment.

Guests were seated ahead of time at the tennis court of the prestigious 1004 Estate Club B where a mini stage had been set up to create the right ambiance for the evening. Some were in the swimming pool and even the neighbours who could not be drawn into the tennis were contented to watch from their balconies.

Inside the club’s reserved area, artistes on the bill were ecstatic, doing the meet and greet, as a blend of nervousness and excitement chocked the air. An hour behind schedule, the show kicked off with Adeh, an afro jazz guitarist. They set the trend for other performers to follow, teasing the audience with his rhythmic tunes. One of the songs that got the audience hooked to his groove his interpretation of ‘Eddie Kwansa’, popular theme song of the 90s TV sitcom ‘The New Masquerade’. Other artistes who performed at the event were Lekkihood Finest, Obadice, amongst others.

Was it another evening of girl power? This obviously was the case at the event as the female artistes used their vocal arsenal to thrill the audience. Starting with the new sensational personality on spoken word, Titilope Sonuga, the audience were awed by the young engineer whose words cracked like fireworks on stage. She stirred provoking thoughts as she flawlessly delivered one of her piece ‘I Come from a Place-Lagos’. A narrative that clearly depicts the lifestyle of its residents, painting a clear picture of hustling and bustling in the city.

She returned on stage with another pondering lines and a clear message for all: loving yourself without shame is the most important thing you must always fight for. Ebisan and Ego were not intimidated as they thrilled the audience with their jazzy and soul tunes as well.  Of all the new talents that rocked the show, M Gabriel proved to be a man of talents, from the reggae flavour to Afrobeat performance, adding to the fact that it was Felabration week, he was quite an eclectic performer.

Dapo Dina, the afro jazz pianist wasted no time as he put his exploratory fingers at work even though there was a technical glitch with the keyboard. He redefined songs from ace musicians such as Dr Tunji Oyelana, King Sunny Ade. His rendition of ‘Ekilo f’omo Ode’ was particularly well appreciated. He added flavour and spice to the music piece. Bright gain later joined him on stage to perform.

Saving the best for last was absolutely what the organisers had in mind, Agboola Shadare, another iconic jazz guitarist drew the curtains for the night with Joe’s ‘I Wanna Know’.


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