Starwood, Hilton lead race for expansion in Nigeria, others

Posted: August 15, 2013 in travel & tourism

starwood logoCurrently more than 270 new top hotels are in the Africa pipeline and Starwood Hotels, Hilton and Marriott are leading in the race for the best destinations and locations, according to data revealed by TopHotelProjects, the worldwide leading provider of global b2b hotel data.

The United States-based hotel chain, Marriott increased its presence in Africa by 55 percent compared to the previous yea just as six new Ritz Carlton Hotels are planned for Cairo, Tunis and Marrakech, with a further 17 new hotel projects by Ritz Carlton are in the pipeline in other parts of Africa.

Besides the large hotel investment market in China, several African countries became worthwhile destinations for large hotel chains due to an annual economic growth rate by five percent.

Especially the fast growing social middle class in Africa’s southern parts are in the focus of the large hotel chain companies. The most attractive hotel markets are Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola and Botswana. Especially young and ambitious people are the main target group for comfort, a little luxury and modern gastronomy.

Also the increased export of crude oil and minerals from countries such as Nigeria and Angola ensures the economic growth – and thereof more hotel overnight stays.

In Kenya the growing tourism ensures more upswings. Kempinski prepares the opening of the Villa Rose, a luxury hotel with 200 rooms, for August.

Further three hotel projects by Kempinski are currently arising in Agadir (Morocco), Accra (Ghana) and in Cairo (Egypt).

Economy professionals expect that the majority of “the top ten fastest growing countries” will be in Africa. The economy and population growth in Africa could also top the growth in East Asia. Despite all the horror news about wars and corruption, Africa should not be seen as a black hole, there are still new opportunities for new hotels.


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