Book Review: Between God and man, the Maduka guide

Posted: April 22, 2013 in arts/culture

Book Title: The Whispering Voice

Author: Dr Maduka Sunny Oby

Publisher: Authorhouse

Year of Publication: 2013

Pages: 217

Reviewer: Frank Osogbue


At first site, the book title The Whispering Voice, by Dr Maduka Sunny Oby, is calm but stings you, prompting your imagination and thought to ask “what is this book all about.” It has 217 pages and their contents are inspirational.

It is a great piece of art, exposition and revelation that Maduka bestows upon humanity especially his readers. The book embraces different aspects of life; psychology, philosophy, religion, adventure, literature, love, peace, violence and many others.

Chapter 1– In the Beginning

It opens with a traveller being bored in the airplane and cherishing God’s beautiful work in creation and nature as part effort to free the boredom. Introducing God’s master plan for creating humans to be like him, suddenly, the traveller falls into a trance and now communicating with God directly in which process he gets the three important aspect of human’s creation- dominion, reproduction and relationship.

9781477250815_COVER_FQA.inddHowever, man missed it all and fell to Satan’s deception thereby failing to fulfil destiny and God sent Jesus Christ to restore humans to Himself and their original position. This restoration puts man in a new season requiring right heart, intimate zeal and hunger to relate with God as this determines mans’  success on his mission.

Chapter 2: The movement

The author pictures the ugliness and hopelessness of the plane crash now being compounded by the heavy rainfall and increasing the difficulties of the three survivors. But even in this situation, Dr Joe rises up to thank God for enabling them to see another day.

Trying to care for the little baby who also survived the plane crash while Miss Penns, the third survivor was not actually cooperating to the whole exercise, the rain, however, provided some cool, calm, and refreshing for them, an indication that God is always there.

Chapter 3: Understanding the dimensions of God

This chapter is definitely expository for and to anyone who wants to know God more as well as have good idea of the fundamental belief system in many other religions, as the author points to the works of philosophers, faith exponents, thinkers and theologians, particularly the two fold God concept – transcendent and immanent. Also, he unfolds the basic similarity of Islam, Judaism and Christianity which is the perception of God as one being that must be worshipped as one. They abhor the worship of many gods.

Chapter 4 – The Pharisees

The author started chapter 4 – the Pharisees, with the characteristic or trademark of the Pharisees, they are basically external and static and not spiritual. The Pharisees are hypocritical worshippers seeking all forms of externalities with humanity and never being spiritual and dynamic at anytime. Chapter 4 concludes with the joy of knowing Christ and tragedy of dying without Christ pointing out that everyone has destiny in God but it’s our job to discover, develop and use it to help others or bless humanity.

Chapter 5 – The Promises

Here the author begins to show God as having plan for and in all things and insinuating that God’s purpose and reason will manifest even in negative circumstances. Meanwhile the characters Dr Joe and Miss Penns are just starting to know themselves and searching for a way out of the jungle-crash site.

Chapter 6: The histology of Christmas and the church

It begins with Dr Joe remembering his self- discharge from the army to have time for the Africa assignment and believe that God will direct him in the assignment. Accordingly, the author asserts the various meanings assigned to Christmas by different people before moving on to trace the history of Christmas as the main spice left by the coming of Jesus Christ. Also, he points out what Christmas ought to represent as against what it is taken today – merriment and celebrations instead of evangelism and soul winning.

Chapter 7 – The commencement

Chapter 7 introduces a sharp change as the three survivors of the plane crash are now endangered by strange occurrences in the habitat. Well the danger was the wild pythons of wildlife Africa.

There emerged the challenge of safety from this danger, but suddenly, help came from nowhere, the pythons were dead and the wild beasts dispersed but the ordeal persisted as the soldiers were not friendly at all. Favour smiled and eventually the soldiers became concerned and willing to help while discussing the plight and outlook of government in their country – killing and maiming citizens and collecting aids from international organization. The soldiers narrated the past negative experience and disclosed their mission – helping and saving lives amidst grave evil in the land. And the chapter closes with question of compassion from Prophet Mohammed, the essence of God and godly virtues and the issue of the Babylonian principle.

Chapter 8 – Community building

The author stylishly brings up the need for peaceful co-existence among followers of different faith, indicating that inter-religious tolerance is a key to peace and successful community building. Thus religion needs to be practiced with absolute harmony and not violence or extremism. He points to the personalization of God by each religious group, the opposing views of various socio-political and socio-economic systems of government or human existence.

Chapter 9 – The offset

This chapter unveils the true condition on war and violence victims in Africa and the overwhelming needs for humanitarian aids and supports as well as the wastages in developed societies, with a lip-service disposition on aid supply to victims. It also shows another world of people celebrating spoils not minding the bleak nature of their future and fate in life and a peaceful coexistence rooted in mutual trust.

In the midst of all these, God is still the owner and judge of all, not withstanding our individual lifestyles and shortcomings. Also God does manifest His presence whenever and wherever He wills, He is supreme and sovereign. This chapter is surely loaded with lots of expositions and revelations about God for the benefit of all readers. You will see the ceaseless miraculous hand of God in the life of each soldier or team mate in ensuring their survival.

Chapter 10 – The inquest

The author highlights three essential variables – love, faith and purity, and says so much about true faith in God. The human race needs sacrificial giving and lifestyle in order to save perishing soul savaged by war and violence. Personal commitment, satisfaction and fulfilment are key elements in the whole process.

Chapter 11- Liberation

Chapter 11 is quite lengthy but the conclusion hinges on the need to know God’s assignment and make a quality decision to obey notwithstanding any circumstance.

In summary, the author has touched every aspect of life and the underlying source of existence which is God, showing His infinite power and gracious mercies in working the miraculous and restoring order to humanity irrespective of mans’ shortcomings. Firm belief in Christ and God, and commitment to assignment is what gives man meaning, worth and fulfilment of mission or destiny.


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