Fragmented government policies, bane of aviation–IATA

Posted: October 4, 2012 in travel & tourism

In what could amount to an indictment on governments around the world, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Director of Industry Charges, Fuel and Taxation, Mr. Jeff Poole, has told World Routes delegates that progress and developments in the aviation sector was hampered by conflicting government policies.

Poole who noted that different government policies are at odds with each other, said environmental and economic policies, in most countries were “disjointed” adding further that the aviation industry needed to come together to deliver a stronger message to governments around the world.

During a recent media chat, the minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, Chief Edem Duke, once complained about lapses by aviation staff at the nation’s airports, who, according to him, do not appear to be in synch with some tourism etiquette, but who also however, did not care as the tourism was not in the aviation ministry.

In the same way as affairs at the nation’s international airports are conducted and aviation policies promulgated by government without minding their implications on the general economy, with most travellers having had occasions to query the seeming policy summersaults of government as it concerns the aviation industry.

According to Poole, the problem for the aviation industry is there are currently “very many fragmented policies,” even within the same government.

“If you look at my own country, the United Kingdom, the government is saying they need to boost the economy, but then you have UK air passenger duty, as well as strong pushes on the environmental side. It is disjointed on all sides,” he explained.

Speaking to delegates at the World Route Development Summit at the 18th World Route Development Forum, in Abu Dhabi, Poole said: “The problem is, you have ministers for finance, environment and the consumer, all working in conflict with each other. The only way to overcome this is by advocating more strongly as an industry together.”

The World Route Development Strategy Summit which ended last weekend in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates gathered more than 350 air transport leaders to lay out his views on the future challenges facing the industry.

With over 40 airline CEOs confirmed, in addition to hundreds of other leaders from airports, governments, industry associations, every stakeholder from across the aviation spectrum was represented at this summit.

The Summit attempted to highlight some of the key issues that are impacting the commercial aviation business across the globe. With a high-profile list of speakers the content was specially developed to provide a unique insight into the business with moderator Aaron Heslehurst from BBC World television ensuring the key issues were not glossed over.


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