National Troupe names Oritz Wiliki chair of 2012 WMD lecture

Posted: June 21, 2012 in general

National Troupe of Nigeria (NTN) has named veteran reggae music icon and Chairman of the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria (MSCN) Oritz Wliki as chair of its proposed lecture and musical performances organized on the occasion of the forthcoming 2012 edition of the World Music Day (WMD), commemorated globally every June 21.

The MSCN will take charge of the interactive session that will follow a lecture on; Music as Social Calendar, to be delivered by the wind instrumentalist and music teacher Biodun Adebiyi aka Biodun Batik of the Music Department of the Lagos State University (LASU).

However a musical performance by kid sax sensation TJ Sax and the Paceli School for the physically challenged band will precede and round-off the World Music Day lecture scheduled for this Thursday, June 21 at the Cinema Hall 2 of the National Theatre complex.

In a press release by the National Troupe to M2A, the Artistic Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Martin Adaji explained that the troupe was again joining in the commemoration as part of the effort at making music accessible to the public.

He also remarked that the decision to join other music lovers all over the world to mark the day was in line with his earlier expressed vision of reinvigorating the music department of the troupe.

‘We did this last year and we think this is a day to continuously identify with, since it is within our mandate as a cultural institution responsible for promoting Nigerian culture in dance, music and drama,’ said Adaji.

Adaji also stated the Paceli School for the Blind musical band has been invited to supply music at the event outside other side attractions. ‘We consider their invitation a way of encouraging them and as a way of exposing the talents that abound there.  So it is going to be music and talk as we mark the world music day’ he said.

Also called Fete de la Musique and held every June 21, the World Music Day began formally in France as a music festival in the early 1980’s and it has since then spread to many countries of the world including Nigeria where it is marked by several institutions including the French Cultural Centre.


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