Literary Star Search competition shifts deadline by 1 month

Posted: April 5, 2012 in arts/culture

A new deadline has been announced by the judging panel of the Literary Star Search. Entries for the competition will now end on May 31 instead of the original April 30 as previously stipulated.

A statement from the contest’s spokesman, Mr. Seun Jegede said the shift was prompted by floods of requests by student writers in Nigerian university campuses who gave the long closure of the schools due to the now-ended academic staff strikes.

“Following several requests from writers, especially student writers in university campuses who wish to also enter stories for the contest, specially requested for time extension. Their request is as a result of the long strike in university campuses that stretched from late last year to early this year, which was followed shortly by the one the labour union called to protest fuel deregulation. Most classes opened barely a week or two before examinations were called, which left little time for them to embark on another rigorous venture like the contest for Literary Star Search grand prize.

According to Jegede, the organizers has moved deadline by one month in response to the requests and also in order to carry every writer along.

“Creative Alliance has, therefore, thought it proper to extend the deadline by one month in apparent response to these requests so as not to leave behind an important group of writers – university students”.

Jegede further stressed that since the contest is founded on a reputation of catering for the interests of grassroots writers, the least it could do was to also take student writers along and accommodate them. He stated that the contest organisers were desirous of making a remarkable first impression with the prize because of the definitive statement they want to make amongst writers in the country and were thus willing to be amenable to all shades of views, opinions and suggestions that would advance the interests of writers and make the contest an enduring one.

Jegede therefore urged those yet to enter the competition to take advantage of the shift in deadline by a month to send in their entries via or


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